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Their communication and organizational skills make them an invaluable resource in resolving complex legal cases. Molly volunteers as a mediator to resolve conflicts in the community, and she enjoys using her negotiation skills in her daily work. She founded Zahner Legal Support to provide individual law firms and small firms with the same level of support she had given to her previous employers. Molly enjoys working closely with lawyers and paralegals to help her clients get what they want. California Long Beach Attorneys and Law Firms Legal Services Plans Molly met with John O`Grady at the San Francisco Bar Association`s annual conference for sole proprietorships and small businesses. Her warm welcome surprised and delighted Molly. John`s ongoing ideas with his colleagues continue to solidify their position in the legal community. During her B.A. in English Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Molly performed and directed Shakespeare productions.

His poignant depictions of human experience are reminiscent of today`s tragic struggles of legacy. Molly`s commitment to resolving conflict and carefully nurturing the sensitive and universal experience of death – incurable illness, loss and grief – makes her an important contribution to the essential and life-saving work of the O`Grady Law Group. We now have the ability to provide legal service documents on behalf of clients through We provide small law firms and individual practitioners with non-billable legal, administrative and procedural support so they can focus on growing their billable entitlement. Exercise. Contact us to discuss your need for legal administrative support. Call to find out how we can help you with litigation support, whether it`s formatting and document preparation, e-filing, or setting up systems. Liability insurance for construction defects This website is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Jack focuses his practice on insurance coverage from the policyholder`s perspective. Responsive, reliable and clear communication. Excellent work result. First Party Property Damage and Business Interruption Damage (Earthquake, Fire and Water Damage) My startup would not be as successful as it is today without David`s excellent business advice on accounting, building business structures, tax advice, trademark research and general business advice.

After years of working in management, Molly Zahner brought her enthusiasm and leadership skills to a legal career. As a self-taught litigation assistant, she quickly gained a reputation and led some of the largest law firms to recognize her contributions and potential. Building on her knowledge base and developing new skills, Molly has worked in a variety of practice areas including tax planning and controversy, insurance defense, bankruptcy, asbestos, employment law, and civil litigation. Jack has successfully resolved significant insurance litigation, including significant first-hand asset losses, as well as third-party and pollution lawsuits, consumer class actions, intellectual property claims, and construction defects. Jack has also handled a wide range of commercial disputes through summary judgments, litigation and appeals. Her entrepreneurial spirit, born from the founding of Fly Fisherman Magazine by her parents in the 60s, led her to leave the global business arena to start her own business.