Vicinity in Legal Terms

Environment — vi|cin|i|ty [vıˈsınıti] n formally [date: 1500-1600; : Latin; Origin: vicinitas, de vicinus bei, de vicus row of houses, village ] 1.) nearby (from sth dat) in the area around a certain place ▪ The stolen car was found nearby… Dictionary of Contemporary English First, in the absence of case law on what should be accepted as relevant representation, all boards interpret the guidelines in their own way. You`ll need to review your local authority`s licensing policy to see if they disclose their approach. For example, some boards use a distance rule to distinguish who is “nearby” (e.g., 200 metres around a site), while others try to consider the type of representation and whether it can be applied to the applicant`s premises. Surroundings — N. 1) the nearest immediate surroundings 2) in the vicinity (in the immediate vicinity of the school) * * * [vɪ sɪnɪtɪ] in the immediate vicinity (in the immediate vicinity of the school). Combinatorial dictionary Environment — neighbourhood, neighbourhood, *location Similar words: region, *zone: section, sector (see PART n) . New thesaurus Stakeholders include residents and businesses “nearby” the site. Surroundings — (n.) 1560, proximity on the spot, of L.

vicinitas of or to neighbors or to a neighborhood, of vicinus neighbor, neighbor, of vicus group of houses, village, related to the wick, which in English place names, of PIE *weik (see VILLA… Etymological dictionary Prior to joining Vicinity, Rob spent nearly 20 years in various management positions at Veolia North America (VNA). Most recently, Rob served as General Counsel for VNA. Previously, as Senior Vice President (SVP) and General Counsel, he led the municipal and commercial (M&C) legal team and led all legal aspects of various mergers and acquisitions activities. As General Counsel, Rob is General Counsel of Vicinity Energy and has overall responsibility for all legal and compliance matters, real estate and risk. He leads a team of lawyers responsible for contract negotiation and management, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution and litigation management, ethics and compliance training, as well as the legal aspects of labour, employment and business development. neighborhood — vi|cin|i|ty [ vı sınəti ] singular name the area near a specific location: the weather forecast for Philadelphia and the proximity of: a university somewhere near Boston near FORMAL used before a number to… Use of words and phrases in the modern English environment – I name zone, borders, environment, neighbourhood, periphery, districts, proximity, proximity, purlieu, region, scene, environment, suburbs, surroundings, territory, zone II Index zone (province), location, location. Legal dictionary environment — [və sin′ə tē] surroundings [L vicinitas < vicinus, near < vicus, group of houses, village: see ECO ] 1. the state of proximity or proximity; Proximity; Proximity [two theatres in the immediate vicinity] 2. the region or surroundings of a…

English World dictionary vicinity — name ADJEKTIV ▪ close, immediate, near ▪ general The murder occurred in the general ▪ vicinity of where the bodies were found. VERB + ENVIRONMENT ▪ . Collocations dictionary environment — [n] local area around*, baseball stadium*, neighborhood, surroundings, surroundings, hood, locality, proximity, forest pass*, neighborhood, district, fairly close*, proximity, proximity, purplaces, area, area, surroundings, territory, lawn*, surroundings;… Note from the new thesaurus: This legal definition of Vicinity in the Dictionary of Law (English and American Jurisprudence) dates back to 1893. It seems very difficult to argue that a strict rule of distance was really intended. This does not allow for the flexibility provided by law to give those affected by the premises the opportunity to express themselves. Similarly, it seems to allow for the acceptance of representations from people who are not really concerned with the premises. How is this defined? The Guidelines for the Licence Act leave it to the licensing authority to determine whether it is likely that the person providing the performance is directly affected by disturbances that occur or may occur on or off the premises or in the immediate vicinity. The authorities are called upon to make their decision on the basis of common sense. How can you understand this if you are considering applying? Prior to joining Veolia, Rob worked as an associate at Donnelly, Conroy & Gelhaar, LLP and Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c., where he focused on commercial, environmental and securities litigation.

He holds a bachelor`s degree from Colby College and a doctorate from Boston University School of Law. Surroundings — Vi*cin i*ty (v[i^]*s[i^]n [i^]*t[y^]; 277), n. [L. vicinitas, adjacent to vicinus, nearby, vicus a row of houses, a village; similar to Gr. o i^kos a house, Skr. v[=e][,c]a a house, vi[,c] enter, Goth. weihs Stadt: cf. OF. Vicinit[ e]. Cf. The dictionary of international collaborative law of the English Black.

HENRY CAMPBELL BLACK, M. A. 1990. For example, a resident on the other side of a busy highway could make representations against a pub, although there was no possibility that it would be directly affected due to street noise and/or lack of places to cross. One of the most dramatic intentional changes made by the Licence Act, 2003 was the additional power granted to residents and other “interested parties” when they object to applications for licences for new premises or amendments to existing licences. Are we now more aware of who these interested parties are and who can exercise that power? Until the case law determines how the guidelines should be interpreted, if you receive an explanation about your request, you should take the time to find out exactly where they come from and to see if that person is directly affected. You never know what you can find through a little survey. On the other hand, the expectation that each representation will be properly investigated and the screening of persons who are not directly affected by the premises imposes an additional burden on the licensing authority to carry out potentially lengthy checks.