Boston Legal S2 E23 Cast

Episode dialogue [In the original script, but the scene was cut] Brad Chase: I`m not saying she`s not smart or she`s not good. I am simply saying that she cannot be elected. Sandy: You may be right. __ [In the original script, but the scene was cut] Sandy, to Brad: Brad Kissing is a big part of intimacy for me, I consider it even more intimate than sex and you`re like licking a tampon, like your tongue, it just wasn`t a match. (He keeps watching, he has no words.) You`re a great guy. I`ll just say goodnight now. Denny Crane: I always feel like everything I wanted to express in life is always like one. a kidney stone. Dr. Sydney Fields: I think you`re a bag of money that`s fed with a spoon. __ Sydney Field: Pull the trigger, Denny. Finally, do something to rise above your bland press releases, all the meaningless ones, pull it out. Denny Crane: Do you think I`m not going to do that? Sydney Field: Actually, I know you`re going to do it.

I happen to know you have to. Do you know why? Because even though you can just carry this weapon to play cowboy or maybe be ready in case your self-destructive voices eventually reach majority rule, although it`s not really up to you to hurt someone else, you still managed to dive into a corner from which you can`t extract your swollen self. They fired a gun at a therapist who not only has a death wish of his own, but also a life insurance policy that excludes suicide, I have long wondered how I could die without losing my sons` education at Harvard, but if I was murdered, well. Alan: I think it was a Sunday. Then I was removed from the program, you went out to make movies, and I was transferred to Tuesday, and. Chelina: . There you go. With old sequences. __ Melissa: Don`t fall in love with her, Alan. She`s just a guest star. __ Denise: Could I show you please.

Clinical? Brad: Whadayamaic? Denise: I mean, Brad, I`m a double black diamond kisser and I`m also incredibly busy, so could I show you briefly? Brad: I`d just prefer it all to happen in his mouth. Denise: That`s why you`re the worst kisser in the history of the planet. So drop Homeland Security and let the girls` tongues in. Brad: We had sex. Did you know. ? “You can still be my assistant” Tuesday`s “Race Ipsa” guest star Deb Hiett recounts a fun rehearsal moment while filming her scene as Cindy, Dr. Sydney Fields [Peter MacNicol] Assistant. This is the elusive David E. Kelley and a memorable farce. >> read more about Trek in the Courtroom: Parallels between Star Trek and Boston Legal: Race Ipsa Themes It`s in his kiss ” Ebony and Ivory Star Trek Alumni: Michael Ensign [Judge Paul Resnick] >> details and images [pdf] Six Degrees of the Guest Star Peter MacNicol as Sydney Field – MacNicol winner a termidats after a break in his current appearance on CBS procedural Numb3rs, to reunite with David E. Kelley`s team as Denny`s armed therapist.

After a brilliant dramatic role in the acclaimed film Sophie`s Choice (1982), MacNicol`s film roles turned to comedy feature films such as Ghostbusters II (1989) and Addam`s Family Values (1992). His ability to play eccentric characters made him a natural addition to Kelley-produced shows, and he was part of the cast of Chicago Hope (1994-5) and then Ally McBeal (1997-2002). For his role as John `The Biscuit` Cage in the latter, he won an Emmy in 2001 as the most outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series. In addition to acting, MacNicol has done extensive voice-over work, including directing episodes of Ally McBeal, Ally, and Boston Public, and writing scripts for Ally McBeal and Numb3rs.`s fan page has more to say about his multifaceted career. Shelley Berman as Judge Robert Sanders – Berman returns for her second appearance as sober Judge Sanders, who ruled Melissa`s tax evasion case in 2×19, `Stick It.` One of Berman`s first television appearances was as a special guest on the game show Password (1963), where he competed against Betty White. His many television credits include a handful of short-lived sitcoms in which he starred, including That`s Life (1968), Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and her spin-off Forever Fernwood (1977-1978) and Walter & Emily (1991). In addition to his work on BL and Curb Your Enthusiasm, his most recent directing is an episode of Grey`s Anatomy earlier this season. Page Kennedy as Dennis Pryor – Kennedy has had a fairly rapid rise to stardom since 2002, when he had his first television roles in Six Feet Under (as the “ghost” of a young football player), Philly and three episodes of The Shield. The following year, he made his film debut in Samuel L. Jackson`s action film S.W.A.T.

Despite his high-profile (and inexplicable) dismissal from the cast of Desperate Housewives last fall, Kennedy`s career seems to be booming again with his recent appearances at CSI and the Pepper Dennis pilot. Website: Written by: David E. Kelley – this is the eighth solo script from the creator of the Kelley series of the season, after he wrote six alone in Season 1 (of course, some of them – including part of it – were originally written last year).