Atf Nominee Definition of Assault Rifle

Dettelbach`s hearing comes just a day after the horrific Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman murdered 19 children and two teachers. President Joe Biden (D.) argued that he needed a permanent director of the ATF to implement his plan to reduce gun violence. The president also called on Congress to introduce a new ban on offensive weapons after the shooting. The same question about Asault`s guns tripped up President Biden`s former ATF leadership candidate, David Chipman, during his confirmation hearing a year ago. Chipman had also advocated a ban on offensive weapons, but could not define the term. His nomination ultimately failed in the Equally Divided Senate, with several Democratic senators refusing to support him after he was embroiled in numerous controversies. “When I was a candidate in the elections, I talked about restrictions on offensive weapons,” Dettelbach said. “I didn`t define that term. And I didn`t go through the process of defining that term. It would only be a question for Congress if it chose to do so.

“They called for a ban on offensive weapons,” Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) told David Chipman during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “I have a simple question for you: what is an offensive weapon?” “Senator,” Chipman replied, “would be an offensive weapon related to the question you asked, which Congress defines it.” “So you ran for public office and called for a ban on offensive weapons, but you don`t have a definition of offensive weapons?” Cotton asked. “I`m amazed that this can be the definition of offensive weapon,” Cotton said. “This would essentially cover all modern sports rifles in America today.” I suggest that a functional definition of an assault rifle be specific, detailed and limited. For example, “any semi-automatic rifle” is so broad that it makes no sense. The term simply means that the firearm is not a bolt-action, leveraged, hatch, box lock or pump firearm. The ATF`s designated director told Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) that he could not explain which weapons he thought should be banned. In an exchange at his confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dettelbach said he had not tried to define the category of weapons he wanted to ban.

Instead, he said Congress should decide on the definition. For me, there is only one true definition of an assault rifle: a rifle that only works in fully automatic firing mode (machine gun), or a rifle that has a “Select Fire” option that allows the operator to choose a semi-automatic shot (a discharge for each shot of the trigger) or fully automatic (a pull of the trigger results in a continuous shot until the trigger is released). Dettelbach`s story of questioning the validity of the Ohio election was not discussed at the hearing. Nor did the Comments of the National African American Gun Association questioning why Biden preferred him to a qualified black director. However, his inability to define offensive weapons was a sticking point for Senator Cotton. Finally, “above .22 caliber” is a ridiculous feature, given the plethora of semi-automatic rifles of 9mm to .308 calibers currently found in rifles for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. President Biden`s decision to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was challenged by Republican senators at his confirmation hearing Wednesday and refused to identify the weapons he would like to ban as offensive weapons. “So you believe that any weapon that picks up a detachable magazine that can hold a cartridge of .22 — or 5.56 in military parlance — should be defined as an offensive weapon?” asked a visibly incredulous Cotton. Steve Dettelbach says he wants to ban “assault weapons” even though he doesn`t have a working definition of weapons that would fall under such a ban. Any definition of an assault rifle that ignores fire control, especially that of the ATF, is nothing more than an open attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment and pamper the Democratic-led gun control community. Dettelbach said he understood that defining an “offensive weapon” would be a “difficult task.” He said the goal should be to make a ban broad enough to avoid becoming “meaningless,” but not “so broad that it unnecessarily violates the rights of law-abiding Americans.” He offered to support Congress in this process.