Are Bongs Legal to Have

It is best not to wear your bong in public or at least hide it well. If you are arrested, your lawyer may argue that your bong is just a water pipe, which is legal. In states that have legalized recreational marijuana, bongs are not prohibited. Repeat offences can result in higher fines and longer periods of imprisonment. Now that we`ve answered the question of whether bongs are illegal or not, the next important question will likely be about buying. Buying online is a convenient way to buy bongs, but some are careful to do so. Chong was hired for his role in financing and promoting Chong Glass Works, which specializes in selling high-end bongs as collectibles. The DEA has set up an elaborate sewing operation, the M. Chong`s small glass company was cornered, employing huge resources and undercover agents posing as chief shop owners. Tommy Chong served 9 months in prison and was forced to take a one-year break from his favorite herb due to probation. While you probably know that drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are illegal under federal and most state law, you may not know that people can be prosecuted for possession or sale of related items or items, even if they are not in possession of the actual drugs. This article covers what you need to know about laws that prohibit drug-related paraphernalia. So are bongs legal? No, they are not.

Technically, bongs fall into the category of drug paraphernalia. Under federal law, the sale, import and export of drug paraphernalia is illegal. However, mere possession of such a crime is not considered a federal crime. The federal prosecutor`s office, which sentenced Chong to prison, admitted that they treated him harshly because of his prominent role in trivializing drug use in his films. Chong served 9 months in prison and became a figurehead of the illegality of selling drug paraphernalia. Legally, drug paraphernalia is anything that is primarily used to make, conceal or take illegal drugs. The word “first and foremost” is important because there are many chemicals that can be used to make certain drugs, but that`s not their main purpose. Regardless of individual state laws in the United States, marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law.

This is the reason why items related to marijuana use are also considered illegal. Some look like hookahs. The most unusual ones have advanced features such as built-in percolators and additional filtering. Basic bongs usually consist of a bowl and a chamber. In the cooling percolation process, smoke enters the water and filters out cannabinoids and other particles. Users can enjoy the aroma and taste of cannabis without wanting to cough too much. If you want to know more about what bongs are for, visit this website: Nevertheless, some state laws state that possession of bongs is illegal. Washington has a long list of banned drug paraphernalia, including bongs. So, is a glass bong considered drug paraphernalia? It depends on how you use it. You can use one to take marijuana, which is still considered an illegal drug by the federal government, or tobacco, which is legal. Thus, many headshops and other retailers can sell glass bongs without being accused of selling drug paraphernalia. They call them hookahs instead of glass bongs and they label these items with a warning that the pipes are only meant to be used with tobacco.

What all of this means to you is that if you have a glass bong with absolutely no marijuana residue, you`re not carrying drug paraphernalia. Examples of drug paraphernalia include: scales, small plastic bags, bongs, needles, net filters, cigarette roll papers, mills and spoons. When you order a bong, vaporizer or hose online for the first time, you have nothing to worry about. If you simply order a bong online, you won`t get into trouble unless (and until) you use it to break the law. Buy a jute bag? Completely legal. Draw a dollar sign on that jute bag and then fill it with cash while robbing a bank? Probably not. A glass bong can get you in trouble with the law, and that`s why it`s best to make it as discreet as possible. Pack it in a backpack or bag when you go somewhere and keep it in your trunk when driving. While a glass bong alone isn`t necessarily illegal, it can attract the attention you don`t want.

Buying bongs and glass pipes is even more suspicious when shopping online. Many customers were concerned about getting into trouble or being tagged due to entering personal information into an age verification system. The age verification process does not and will not place you on a government-monitored list. Instead, your name and address are used to use public records to verify that you are the age you specify at the time of payment. To remain compliant, CaliConnected has partnered with AgeChecker, a private company that is in no way affiliated or obligated to report purchases to federal or local authorities. In fact, they have no record of what you ordered in the first place! Ordering from online headshops is not illegal, as these establishments sell items intended for tobacco and even for medical purposes.