American Broadcasting Company Legal Department

Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest operator of ABC stations in terms of number, owning or providing services to 28 full major ABC subsidiaries and only two sub-channel subsidiaries. Sinclair owns the largest ABC sub-chain subsidiary by market size, WABM-DT2/WDBB-DT2 in the Birmingham market, which serve as repeaters of WBMA-LD (which is itself simulated on a sub-channel of the former WBMA WGWW satellite, owned by Sinclair partner Howard Stirk Holdings). The E. W. Scripps Company is the largest operator of ABC stations in terms of total market reach and owns 15 ABC affiliate stations (including subsidiaries in larger markets such as Cleveland, Phoenix, Detroit and Denver), and through its ownership of KNXV, a subsidiary of Phoenix, KTNV-TV, a Subsidiary of Las Vegas, and KGUN-TV, a subsidiary of Tucson, it is the sole provider of ABC programming for most of Arizona (outside of Yuma-El). Centro Market) and southern Nevada. Scripps also owns and operates several ABC stations in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, including Denver, San Diego, Bakersfield, California and Boise, Idaho, and in combination with ABC`s own stations in Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco, news-press & Gazette Company affiliations in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Yuma-El Centro and Colorado Springs-Pueblo, and Sinclair`s affiliations in Seattle and Portland. Oregon, these four entities control access to ABC network programs in most of the western United States, especially in terms of audience reach. The aim was to create a network of fully and partially owned channels and partners in order to rebroadcast the network`s programmes. In 1959, this repetitive activity was supplemented by program syndication, with ABC Films selling programs to networks that were not owned by ABC. [38] The advent of satellite television ended the need for ABC to hold stakes in other countries; [39] Many governments also wanted to increase their independence and strengthen legislation to limit foreign ownership of broadcasting real estate.

As a result, in the 1970s, ABC was forced to sell all of its shares to international networks, mainly in Japan and Latin America. [40] The company`s history dates back to 1926, when the Radio Corporation of America (now RCA Corporation) and two other companies formed the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) to operate a national broadcasting network. NBC grew so rapidly that in 1927 it found itself with a surplus of subsidiaries in the same cities, so it split its program into two separate networks called the red and blue networks. After the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared in 1941 that no company could own more than one radio network, NBC sold the less lucrative Blue Network in 1943 to Edward J. Noble, the multi-million dollar manufacturer of life savings candy, who first renamed it the American Broadcasting System before deciding on the name American Broadcasting Company, Inc. (ABC). ABC was the smallest of the major radio networks and distinguished itself by hiring popular singer Bing Crosby to appear in a weekly variety series. As a condition of his employment, Crosby required that he be allowed to pre-sign the program for future broadcast; As a result, ABC has become a pioneer in the field of magnetic recording. Since 2007, when ABC Radio (also known as Cumulus Media Networks) was sold to Citadel Broadcasting, ABC has scaled back its broadcast operations almost exclusively to television. It is the fifth oldest broadcasting network in the world and the youngest of the three major American television networks.

The network is sometimes called the alphabet network because its initialism also represents the first three letters of the English alphabet in the correct order. When the FCC introduced its financial interest and syndication rules in 1970, ABC proactively created two companies: Worldvision Enterprises as a syndication distributor and ABC Circle Films as a production company. However, between the publication and implementation of these rules, the network catalogue was separated in 1973. The broadcasting rights for productions prior to 1973 were transferred to Worldvision, which became independent the same year. The company has been sold several times since its acquisition by Paramount Television in 1999 and recently merged with CBS Television Distribution, a unit of Paramount Global. Nevertheless, Worldvision sold parts of its catalog, including the Ruby Spears and Hanna Barbera libraries, to Turner Broadcasting System in 1991. With Disney`s purchase of ABC in 1996, ABC Circle Films merged with Touchstone Television, a subsidiary of Disney, which in turn was renamed ABC Studios in 2007. [11] In addition to the headquarters on Riverside Drive, other ABC facilities in Burbank include a building at 3800 West Alameda, known as the Burbank Center, which is primarily affiliated with Walt Disney Television and serves as the headquarters and broadcast center for Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Freeform, FX, National Geographic, and Disney Radio. In addition, Disney Television Animation has a facility on Empire Avenue near Hollywood Burbank Airport. Close to Glendale, Disney/ABC also maintains the Grand Central Creative Campus, which is home to other subsidiaries, including KABC-TV`s studios and ABC News` Los Angeles office. Currently, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Delaware are the only U.S. states where ABC does not have a locally licensed subsidiary (New Jersey is served by New York City O&O WABC TV in the northern half of the state and Philadelphia O&O WPVI TV in the south; Rhode Island is served by WCVB-TV, licensed from Boston, Massachusetts, and WLNE, licensed from New Bedford, Massachusetts, although outside of the station, all other operations of the station are based in Providence; and Delaware is served by WPVI in the northern third and Salisbury, Maryland, a WMDT subsidiary in the southern two-thirds of the state).

ABC maintains connections to low-power plants (analog or digital) in select markets, such as Birmingham, Alabama (WBMA-LD), Lima, Ohio (WPNM-LD) and South Bend, Indiana (WBND-LD).