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NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BARBRI, Inc., a holding company of Leeds Equity Partners, LLC, today announced the acquisition of Kaplan Altior (“Altior”), a leading provider of legal education courses, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) approved Professional Skills Course (“SRA”), the Trainee Litigation Programme (“TLP”) and superior hearing rights, as well as other training courses for current and emerging lawyers. on the UK market. Altior currently serves more than 750 law firms, including more than 25% of the UK`s 100 largest law firms. Altior is the eighth acquisition since Leeds Equity`s initial investment in BARBRI, a leading provider of practical legal education in the US and international markets. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. “This is an exciting development for BARBRI as we expand our expertise in the SQE preparation course market,” said Sarah Hutchinson, Managing Director of BARBRI International. “Not only does this add an exceptional customer service team to our team, but it also enhances our base of experienced and respected tutors for the training of professional trainees and legal skills. For the past 40 years, Kaplan Altior and its carefully selected panel of experienced trainers and assessors have been providing high-quality, classroom, online and in-house training and assessments to its new clients and long-standing delegates in the legal and service sectors across the UK.

Kaplan Altior`s portfolio of innovative, flexible, cost-effective and extensive training includes regulated courses and assessments such as the Professional Competency Course (PSC), the Trainee Litigation Program (TLP) and SRA`s Superior Hearing Rights, as well as accredited courses for other regulatory bodies such as CILEx and ACCA. In addition, Kaplan Altior offers a range of unregulated courses, including tailor-made management, compliance and in-house courses, designed to meet the continuing professional competence requirements of lawyers in England and Wales. “This is an exciting development for BARBRI as we expand our expertise in the Lawyers Qualification Exam Preparation Course market. Not only does this expand our customer service team, but it also greatly expands our base of experienced and respected tutors for training professional interns and lawyers. We are committed to maintaining the high standards that altior has set for its law firms and law firms, including not only PSC graduate articling students, but also professionals who access the wide range of continuing education courses,” said Sarah Hutchinson, Managing Director of BARBRI International. The Law Support Group covers all areas of graduate recruitment, including legal support staff – for regional and international banks and law firms here in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Altior has been providing training and consulting services to the legal profession for over 40 years. With a wide range of training, including CPD courses for lawyers, senior court lawyers, lawyers, paralegals, Professional Skills Courses (CSPs), Articling Litigation Programs (TLP), Senior Hearing Fees, Management Courses and a selection of compliance training programs for law firms, Altior are experts who prepare lawyers to achieve their development goals. From start to finish, Altior`s staff and trainers make the entire training experience extremely professional, very flexible and always striving to provide the best possible service. As specialists in advocacy training, we have used our experience and knowledge to provide a range of training to trial court, CILEx and higher court lawyers at all levels of experience.

Our programs aim to help those who need to complete an interest-based CPD ensure that they remain competent in accordance with the SRA regulations. Our public courses, offered throughout England and Wales, are designed to keep your legal knowledge and skills up to date. About Leeds Equity Partners: Leeds Equity Partners, LLC is a New York-based private equity firm dedicated exclusively to working with management teams in the areas of education, training and information services (the “Knowledge Industries”). Founded in 1993, the company has provided $2.7 billion in capital to a wide range of companies in the knowledge-based industry. Leeds Equity strives to leverage its industry expertise and market knowledge to create long-term value for its partner companies. Altior has a total of 65 experienced trainers and assessors and offers 50 legal education courses in the region for 750 law firms, including a quarter of the UK`s top 100 law firms. Experience the process first-hand and overcome any difficulties you may have in completing the contentious element of the training contract with our Litigation Trainee Program (TLP). The programme will familiarize learners through a variety of activities with all the controversial standards of practical competence established by the SRA as a prerequisite for the duration of recognised training. Altior brings decades of experience and expertise in legal and professional education, with more than 65 long-standing experienced trainers and revisers offering around 50 courses. The firm has more than 750 clients from law firms, including more than 25% of the 100 largest UK law firms.

BARBRI has acquired all the assets of the leading legal education provider Kaplan Altior, which has organised the Professional Skills Course (PSC) for aspiring lawyers that BARBRI Altior will now offer. BARBRI will transfer Altior`s current workforce to its own employees in order to expand its workforce in the UK and increase its share in providing legal education at all career levels and levels. Peter Houillon, CEO of Kaplan Professional UK and Ireland, said: “We are delighted that our Kaplan Altior business is joining BARBRI, which has a reputation for providing high-quality training in the legal sector.” Let us know what type of professional training you are looking for and we will put you in touch with the relevant training providers who will send you a quote. About BARBRI GroupBARBRI Group is a global learning firm dedicated to meeting the legal education and training needs of law students, lawyers and other professionals throughout their careers. BARBRI`s success is based on its unparalleled technology and innovative pedagogy, combined with the ability to use data analytics, behavioral economics, learning science and more to develop programs for learners and institutions. Building on the success of its core law courses, which have helped more than 1.3 million lawyers worldwide take a U.S. Bar exam, BARBRI offers a comprehensive suite of learning solutions for higher education institutions and legal and financial companies. These include U.S. Bar Preparation, Curriculum, Assessment, Preparation for Global Qualifications, Online Program Management, and Professional Development. Founded in 1967, BARBRI Group is a holding company of Leeds Equity Partners headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices in London, the United States and around the world. Our website is regularly updated and the latest jobs for the jobs of Graduate Lawyer, Graduate Legal Assistant, Graduate Paralegal, Graduate Document Examiner, Graduate Legal Secretary, and Graduate Patent Administrator are available online. London – 2 December 2019 – Global legal education provider BARBRI has committed to providing exceptional preparation for the Lawyer Qualification Examination (SQE) and has acquired all the assets of Kaplan Altior, a leading provider of the Professional Skills Course (CSP) for aspiring lawyers, in preparation for the first administration of SQE in 2021.

BARBRI continues to expand its resources, skills and global legal education offerings Based in Cardiff, Alitor offers a range of open/planned programmes in locations across the UK and counts over 20 of the top 100 companies among its corporate training clients. In-house legal training for law firms in England and Wales offers a flexible solution for staff training, as well as cost-effective and tailor-made packages to meet the training needs and profiles of all teams. All open courses offered by Altior can be customized and delivered in-house. These include: About the BARBRI Group: BARBRI is one of the leading providers of practical legal education in the United States.