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A royal decree, issued on the unanimous opinion of the competent joint body, may also set a higher daily and weekly limit with a maximum of 10 hours per day and 50 hours per week in the cases referred to in article 26 of the Labour Code. These are the following cases of force majeure: This legislation aims to protect children from work. Sanctions are imposed if they are not applied. Hello, I will have to work as a student this year because I am doing a master`s degree. I have not been entitled to benefits for two years. I had planned to exceed my 475 hours, but I have several questions: I am 14 years old, I will be, but 15 years out of 2. December is what I can work as a student because I like to work and if so, how many hours a week If you are trained part-time, you can only work as a student if: It will not be possible for your son to work full-time because he is still subject to part-time compulsory schooling. In other words, your son still has to go to class until the age of 18, but he can decide to follow a work-study program in CEFA or industrial apprenticeship. Remuneration must be paid no later than the 4th working day following the month in which the child worked. Hello, When I read your brochure, I see that a young person can work more than 475 hours without losing his pocket money.

If I understand correctly, the disadvantage is that he is no longer taxed and he is no longer taxed for his parents. Does this mean that parents can no longer benefit from the tax deduction for the young person? I also have another question, you are not talking about the maximum amount a young person can receive during the year without having a penalty. Can you tell me about that? In advance, I thank you for the good follow-up, which you will reserve at my request. A student contract is very important: it is a guarantee of the rights and obligations of the profession. A student contract can be concluded for a maximum period of one year. From the moment the employee has worked for an employer for more than one year, the contract is considered a normal employment contract. After that, he will no longer be able to conclude a new student contract with this employer. Night work is strictly prohibited for young workers under the age of 16, without the possibility of exemption. However: Hello, Schinoui We don`t quite understand your question. In principle, you must respect your working schedule as defined in your employment contract. Your boss may make verbal adjustments (it`s best to keep written evidence), so be careful that your expected compensation isn`t affected. In this case, it would not be legal and you would have the right to have the situation checked by checking the social laws of your region: good for you, from the age of 15 you can conclude a student employment contract, provided that you have already completed the first two years of secondary education (without necessarily passing it).

If you have not yet followed these two years, you will have to wait until you are 16 years old to work. You can also contact the Social Law Inspectorate for more information. You can reach him by phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:30 on 02 235 55 60 OR by e-mail at In which areas can I work in Belgium at the age of 15? Hello, I am a foreign student in Belgium this year I exceeded more than 8000 euros with Uber Eat Service In p2p diet. but I have not touched my student working hours, I still have 470 hours. Do I have to pay taxes, although I do not pay the taxes of rides on Uber, because I have defined that I am a student The working time of young workers can not exceed 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week (since the general reduction in working hours, which took place on the 1st. January 2003: 38 hours per week, actually or on average over a certain reference period, without ever exceeding the limit of 40 hours and regardless of the work rules in force in the company). 1 ° To know the balance of the hours worked in the associative work, your son can connect by means of a card reader to the following link: my child at the age of 8 can also work? When it comes to selling a few coins, you might be able to check with the SMART to see if you can convert that income into “employee” income. This service makes it possible to convert self-employment into salaried work (i.e. under contract). In this case, the SMART effectively becomes your employer and subjects your activity to social security contributions.

But in return, it will keep part of your income for service fees: are also forbidden to all young people in the workplace (i.e. not only young workers, but also young people aged 18 to 21), which are mentioned in the A.R. of 3 May 1999 on the protection of young people in the workplace who are considered dangerous or unhealthy (exposure to toxic agents, which are objectively too strong in relation to the physical and psychological capacities of young people). Hello Romi, If you are 15 years old and have completed at least two years of high school (regardless of your results), you can actually work under the status of student. you could then actually work during holidays, weekends, essentially the times when work does not interfere with your school education! I hope I have answered your question! Do not hesitate if you need more information! I graduated last year, but I did 1 year of specialization during the academic year 2020-2021. I did not complete this specialization in June and I am not repeating my second session. I am 25 years old and I have a student job where I want to work again throughout the month of September. When do I need to register as a job seeker? Can I do this now and continue my student work in September? July hours or public holidays in general are counted towards the 475-hour quota. For each calendar year (January to December), the State grants each student a quota of 475 hours for which he can work without the employer levying a withholding tax or an advance tax.

The employer can only deduct the solidarity social contributions of 2.71% (instead of 13.07% paid by ordinary employees). This makes the student`s salary higher than the salary of an ordinary worker. This does not mean that you cannot work more than 475 hours a year. You can, but excess hours are subject to normal taxes and social security contributions. I am the general manager of a construction company.